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Breezeblock Park  script

Orignal Cast

Orignal Cast

Whitehall poster: designed by Tony Sher, now Sir Anthony Shir

The Whitehall cast

The Playhouse cast 2003


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The Play
Originally commissioned and directed by Alan Dosser for the Liverpool Everyman Theatre in 1975.

A new production of this play was directed by Alan Dosser for the Mermaid Theatre, London in August 1977, which transferred to the Whitehall Theatre in September of the same year.

A comedy about the sadness and madness of happy family life, Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park is at once painfully funny and sharply moving. The play is set on a Liverpool housing estate at Christmas.

Christmas Eve and a close-knit Liverpool family gather for the festivities. But lurking beneath the glitzy gift wrap, tired tinsel and fairy lights lie concealed jealousies, petty squabbles and a secret. As the drinks flow, feather’s fly and a daughter’s news threatens to tear the family apart. Betty and Reeny are sisters, Tommy is their brother.

First produced at the Everyman in 1975, Breezeblock Park was a sell-out success. Almost thirty years on, Glen Walford made a welcome return to direct a new production featuring an outstanding Liverpool cast including Pauline Daniels and Michael Starke.


Breezeblock poster

The original cast

The Whitehall theatre cast

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Julie Walters, Kevin Lloyd and Pete Postlethwaite in the Everyman Theatre's prodcution of Breezeblock Park