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The flyer for the Belgrave musical

Our Day Out is performed in almost every school in the country. Below are just a handful of posters from different productions.

Our Day Out poster

Our Dya Out at Bath

Our Day Out poster

Our Day Out

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VIDEO - right

John Winstanley, now living in Australia, drew our attention to the video (right) from the 1983 production of Our Day Out. John was in the production at Liverpool’s Everyman.

Our Day Out...


A musical stage version (not to be confused with OUR DAY OUT - THE MUSICAL) of the original television film first staged at the Liverpool Everyman in 1983 with songs by Willy Russell, Chris Mellor and Bob Eaton (who also directed). Directed by Bob Eaton & Kate Roland with Musical Direction by Chris Mellor.

"The skill and zest of the show derive from its success in following the adult argument through while preserving all the fun of a story for and mainly played by children... a Dickensian fairytale... I have rarely seen a show that combined such warmth and such bleakness." The Times

The film was written solo but then Bob Eaton, who was at that time the director of the Everyman, where I used to have my office, came in one day and said 'We'd like to do a musical in conjunction with the Youth Theatre of "Our Day Out"'...
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The Musical 1996

Stage version at Belgrade Theatre Coventry. "With Bob Eaton and Glen Walford I overhauled the whole show, restructuring, writing new songs, introducing new elements to the text; ever since the hastily put together first production I'd wanted to devote time to making Our Day Out into the really big musical that I thought it deserved to be. We got a long way towards achieving that in Coventry, helped in no small way by a great cast of young actors from the Coventry area. We didn't, though, fully get there and, along with Bob and Glen I'm still hoping that we can mount one more production, the one that will, in terms of musical theatre, take Our Day Out all the way.

Our Day out poster

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"I am a regular theatregoer and have been to see many plays, but I have never seen anything quite so excellent as Willy Russell's Our Day Out, currently showing at the Belgrade Theatre...."

Just one of the letters in the local press from audience members.

The cast for OUR DAY OUT the muscial

Bob Eaton and Willy Russell

The two groups (X & Y) performed
on alternate nights.



Willy and the liverpool kids nad featuring Loreto Murray with whom Willy toured with The Singing Playwrights

Willy Russell talks about why it has taken 20 years to adapt his classic film script for the stage....