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Sarah - Worcester
Dear Willy, Thank you so much for a wonderful evening at the Fringe, Edinburgh. You made me laugh and my friend cry! We both "discovered" you two years ago on an Access course at Worcester Technical College, where we were made to think about ourselves through the medium of your play, "Educating Rita." This play was brought to us by an inspirational tutor from Liverpool called Pete Curphey; a wonderful man, who like yourself is firmly in touch with his feminine side! He will be thrilled with the autograph you signed on the CD. I was also thrilled with the kiss you gave me, I just couldn't believe I'd met you, let alone that I actually landed on your lips. Your writing could have been be about my life; like Rita I have re-definined myself through education, I'm now in my second year at Worcester Uni doing a Major Minor in Lit and Drama, (albeit after a successful career as a land buyer). I have also had the Shirley Valentine experience, travelling to Cypress each weekend (after meeting a Cypriot on a holiday) to have my stretch marks kissed. Can't wait for your next play featuring a female protagonist; just to see how my life will carry on! Thanks again
Mary - Liverpool
Re: Radio programme about "Liverpool Everyman". Wanted to thank Willy personally, your play, "Educating Rita" changed my life. I attended the performance ? at the playhouse with Bill Gaunt as Frank. Thanks.
Janet Gowling - Darlington
As my young nephew, a Royal Marine, prepares to fly out to Iraq Blood Brothers has never seemed more poignant. My sister and I saw Blood Brothers some time ago at the Civic Thetare in Darlington and it was brilliant. We will see it again in September and, hopefully, it will still be an uplifting experience, although tinged with a bit of sadness.
Dylan Lancaster - Mossley
Hi, I've been a fan of Willy Russell for many years. I have lost count of the amount of times I have seen Blood Brothers. I got the CD Hoovering The Moon today, at HMV in Manchester. I was surprised they were stocking it. In the folk section too and there were a few copies. Of course I am loving it the more I hear it. I have had the CD of Blood Brothers for years. I have to say I liked the songs better live, with Tim Firth and the band. Still love the CD though.
I'm planning to re-read The Wrong Boy soon. Has Willy ever thought about recording a reading on to CD? His readings at The Manchester Opera House were outstanding. I'm going back to listen to the CD now.
Chris J - Oxford
One Summer is a classic drama which is remembered my everyone who watched it. Please give others the chance to enjoy this witty and heart pulling story. Once watched never forgotton.
Sarah Shepherd - UK
please will you consider the release of one summer on dvd and vhs it was such a brilliant programme and i cannot believe it has not yet been released please agree to it being released i know it will be popular.
Geraldine Hogben - Melbourne
I have been trying for a number of years to track down a video or DVD of Dancing Thu the Dark. It was shown on television here in Melbourne, Australia, but after many fruitless searches (even through the BBC in the UK) I thought it was time to give up! So, I was delighted to see your great new website. Congratulations on its content and ease of layout. In the shopping section, the video of Dancing thu the Dark is stated as being available from Palace Premiere, catalogue number PVC 2160A but I have been unable to find a contact for them. Can you help? PS I just loved The Wrong Boy.
Sharon Heron - North Wales
Just writing like your other guests have, requesting that you please seriously consider the release of "One Summer" on DVD. I, as many other people writing in to your guestbook, have searched for a copy of your brilliant series for well over 10 years now as have both of my brothers, and we would love to see it released for our generation, and for this generation. Even a re-run of the original series would be some sort of substitute, as then I could at least video it for future viewing, (didn't have a video in 1983 unfortunately). So would you please reconsider? please, please!!!! Then I could relive a part of my youth!
Sandra - Australia
A friend of mind is looking for the soundtrack to Dancing thru the Dark. As we live in Australia I thought we would try the internet. Anyone have any ideas where and if it might be available. Loved the movie and was in London two years ago and saw Blood Brothers and thought it was wonderful. Regards
Jeff Callaghan - Buxton
My wife and I went to see In "Other Words" at Buxton Opera House last Saturday night - what a brilliant show! I knew Willy was the best writer this country has produced since Adam was a lad - I didn't know he and Tim Firth were accomplished musicians. What a great pairing. Whoever thought of putting the two of them together deserves a knighthood. The readings from "The Wrong Boy" had me crying with laughter one minute, then worrying the next that the Jewish boy was going to drown. Absolutely hilarious. Willy and Tim MUST repeat this show next year - as I said to my wife shortly before she hit me with the frying pan, "I've not had as much fun with my trousers on for years". Many thanks for a wonderful evenings entertainment.
H Pryce - London
Yeah yeah - the plays and screenplays are brilliant - that's a given. Hoovering the Moon?! I was stunned! Who is this Willy Russell chap. Funny he should have the same name as the bloke who wrote all those plays n'stuff. I should've bloody known. Lyrics of pure delight spiteful, clever, wry... I'll shut up shall I?
Andy Armitage - New Zealand
Hi Willy Russell, I have been searcghing for One Summer for years after me and my family sat thr4ough the series and loved it. Please please give the go-ahead so that those of us who enjoyed it so much in the days when we couldn't afford video recorders can watch it.
Laura Edmondson - Wirral
Hi I've seen Blood Brothers twice now, at the Liverpoool Empire and I can honestly say it's my favourite musical! I went with my Auntie and Uncle who have now seen it 7 times but still thoroughly enjoyed it (especially with Barbara Dickson). Speaking to someone the other day I realised that they had described it perfectly-you never get bored when watching it and you are
constantly involved and interested in the action on stage. I am hoping to audition for the part of Linda in an amateur production of the play at the Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight. I can't wait for this and I certainly can't wait to see the musical next time it comes to Liverpool.
Dave Tivey - Merseyside
Went to the Empire, Liverpool to see BLOOD BROTHERS with Barbara Dickson as Mrs.Johnstone. I'd seen it three times previously, but this production just blew the others out of the water...... absolutely fantastic!
Annie Kirby-Hawkins - UK
Hello Willy Russell. York Opera House venue on Friday Night 28 May. Fantastic show !!!! enjoyed by all our guests. Thanks for signing the CD. ( Hoovering the Moon.) at the Hotel later, nice to meet you in person. Please let us know venues for future shows..
Irene Davison - UK
I saw half of "In Other Words" at the Stables Milton Keynes and the entire show in Northampton. I loved it. More of the same please.
Margaret Weatherley - UK
Went to see "In Other Words" last night - wonderful. One of the best things I've seen in a long time - perhaps I should get out more! Just wish you had had a bigger audience although those who were there obviously enjoyed the show. Congratulations to all who took part both on and off stage.
Pat Stearman - Hartlepool
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed In Other Words in York on Friday. As a long-time admirer of Willy Russell's work I've been waiting for Hoovering the Moon since I heard him talking about doing an album some years ago on Radio 2. Having finally got hold of it - and having had the pleasure of hearing some of it live - I can only say Thank You for some more great writing. Always say WR is the unsung hero of songwriters (I know that doesn't make sense!!), having written one of the best musicals of all time in Blood Brothers, and the songs for Dancing Thru the Dark. (one of my favourite films - DVD very soon please! I know the problems but hope they are sorted soon). Also sad to see Shirley Valentine isn't on DVD - that can only be a matter of time, surely? Thanks once again for a body of work which I've always enjoyed and made me think and cry and laugh...
Ann Blackmore - UK
Hello yet again, I bought two tickets for my mother and friend to see Blood Brothers in Liverpool they loved it and got quite emotional at the end. I've seen it twice myself its brilliant and I'm still wanting to see it again. Its a classic! Don't ever stop writing.
Terry Sutton - Sheffield
I am 35, married, two kids, live just outside Sheffield, and have always loved your writings. Period. Yet, I was disheartened to hear that you have blocked the re-release of what I, personally, consider your to be your finest piece, namely, 'One Summer', with a view to making a feature film of it(?). Oh dear. The very thought of such a thing makes me wince. How irreplaceable are Hazeldine, Morrissey, Leigh et al..? How do you recapture the empathy of existing within Thatcher's Britain..? For God's sake... look at 'Billy Elliot' and 'Brassed Off' - trying but failing miserably to truly capture the essence of the times. For me, and many others of my generation, 'One Summer' was THE programme that you could truly relate to. A quantum leap from 'Our Day Out' in it's consistency and wit. I am sure that, if treated with the love and respect it deserves, a DVD remaster of this classic would be a big hit. It's a shame James Hazeldine is not around to give a DVD commentary on it's making. Although, it seems both Morrissey and Leigh are extremely keen to see a release happen (for love, not money). I was always baffled by your decision to distance yourself from a programme of such a high quality.
Still, the ball remains in your court Willy. It's just plain daft to behave like this thing never happened and you're cutting your nose off to spite your face as far as I can see. All I can say is that, being a professional recording artist, you don't get the chance to stop your work being listened to/sampled/covered once it is in the public's hands. By that stage it belongs to 'the Public'. It's the same with 'One Summer' - it belongs to our culture (my circle of friends have been quoting lines from it for the last 21 years and still do) and you should recognise that. It's never going to disappear; the fan base won't let it - and will probably keep harrassing you till a submission is reached. I still have my original VHS tapes from when it was first broadcast on Channel 4 and have purchased appalling copies from 'ebay' at extortionate prices. Willy, this needs to be rectified. Get on to Granada (or whoever pulls those particular strings) and - for all the respect and loyalty your fans have shown you and your writings - MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
Willy, don't be a 'stick in the mud' - it doesn't become someone as kind and thoughtful as yourself. Hope this letter goes some way to changing your mind on this issue. Live Long And Prosper (or whatever it is they say on 'Star Trek').
Neil Bates - Melbourne
Hello Willy, this is probably one of many begging responses that you must get concerning the early '80s TV series, "One Summer." I think you would know by now what an influential work that was. There's an army of us balding, fattening 30 plussers who are desperate to see this series again. From the reviews of people who've scammed copies it seems that the work holds up well, the affection for the show goes beyond sentimentality. I'll probably end up buying sme dodgy copy off the internet, but it'd be great to get a DVD quality copy through a legitimate channel. Anyway, all the best mate, love your work.
Paul Wharton - UK
hi willy russel my name is paul wharton,i have seen your film dancin through the dark and i loved it. my brother carl wharton was an extra in it, i was wondering if you could possibly tell me how i can get hold of a copy of it, our local video shop had one but it has recently closed down and im dying to get hold of a copy of it many thanks.
Andy Mellor - Liverpool
However far fetched this may sound, I feel effected by the last night of Barbara Dickson’s return to Blood Brothers on May 22nd at the Empire. I can’t quite begin to tell you just how powerful I found the performance. There just aren’t enough superlatives! To be sat in the dying seconds clinging to my armrests filled with a mixture of sorrow, pain, horror, excitement, and shock, evoked by just a few seconds of dialogue was immensely moving. Having been a huge fan of both Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine I was eager to see Blood Brothers, more out of curiosity to be honest. What I didn’t quite expect was to be stood outside the Empire at ten past eleven, still shaking from the effects of what has to be the most powerful musical I have ever seen. So true to life it hurts. All I can say is I’ll be a frequent visitor to the Phoenix from now on! Quite amazing. Ps – Fab site!
Sue Roffey - Australia
I hope this reaches you – I didn’t know how else to make contact than by using the web link.
I thought that you might like to know that Sage is publishing “The New Teacher’s Survival Guide to Behaviour” in September. This is my sixth book on behaviour in schools – not a management text; it is about relationships. This book aims to help teachers stay caring and in charge rather than controlling and punitive. In the final chapter I have recommended many texts and resources but only one fictional work. Your book “The Wrong Boy” powerfully illustrates why we have to stay in touch with what is meaningful for children and young people, interpreting and responding to behaviour through their understandings not our assumptions. Thanks for writing it.
Karen Rizzi - Liverpool
I went to Blood Brothers at the Empire in Liverpool starring Barbara Dixon and just had to say what a fantastic brilliant production it was. The whole audience was captivated from start to finish and the ending so sad....I didnt think it would be as emotional because from the begining you knew the ending ! I shall definately see it again when it next comes to town. Well Done it was Marvelous!!
Myrna Bennett - Liverpool
Very enjoyable and interesting evening. Great atmosphere. Looking forward to the next one with Tim Firth.
Mike Lavelle - Liverpool
My wife and I went to see 'In Other Words' at the playhouse last Saturday and we would just like to say how much we enjoyed it, it lived up the incredibly high standard of all of your other work. Many thanks to yourself, Tim Firth and the rest of the musicians who were all excellent. We hope that the Wrong Boy television series comes to fruition, if it is anywhere near as good as the book it will be a huge success.
Abbie Melia - UK
hi great site. Willy Russell is one of my favourite play writers, my favourite one being blood brothers i am going to see it on Tuesday i can't wait. Barbra Dickson is staring as Mrs Johnston. i also studied our day out for my English GCSE coursework and really enjoyed it. Willy's plays are a real inspiration to me.
Moira & Peter Cocker - Chester
Won two tickets in a Radio Merseyside competition for last night’s Liverpool Playhouse performance. Thoroughly enjoyed the performances of everyone and the evening. Great entertainment. Looking forward to reading Willy’s book. Thank you for an excellent evening and greetings from Chester!
Elaine Nealis - UK
I bought the wrong boy in 2000, before going on holiday and can honestly say I loved it. I laughed I cried I understood how he felt. I thought it was a really clever book and loved among other things the way Raymond's brain scrambled words. Without wanting to sound like a lert, I bought copies for all my friends at Christmas. I can still pick it up open it a page and be transported into the world of Raymond. Please please write another book Willy??
Ann Blackmore - UK
Went to see "In Other Words" in Manchester last weekend Willy and Tim (Firth) were brill, a great combination of humour and song. Even my other half said in surprise "Hey they can actually sing". ....great performance... All the best Ann
Carl Dixon - UK
I was just brosing through here whilst doing my homework and i had never relised that Willy Russell had done so many great plays I realy injoyed "Blood Brothers" keep up the good work :)
Helen Ollerton - North Yorkshire
Good luck with the tour.
William McCarthy - UK
From one Willy to another we need a way of getting our hands on One Summer, its an all time great and publically loved by many. Come on Willy, pull a few strings and give us what we want!
Adam Schwartz - Indiana
Seeing "John, Paul, George, Ringo . . . and Bert" in the summer of 1975 was one Brian Epstein character describing the first time he saw the Beatles perform: "I saw life on the stage." That line describes your plays as well. They tell the stories of real people with truth, humor, and vitality. I do some playwriting myself, and I know that it is infinitely harder to capture the
"poetry of everyday life" as you do, than it is to create stick figures that have nothing to do with real people, as does Harold Pinter. Your life and career are an inspiration to me.
Caroline - Grimsby
Huge standing ovation for Linda Nolan and the rest of the superb cast. What an excellent production. Thank you for gracing the Grimsby stage with wit and emotion. What a truly brilliant demonstration of the power of the middle class and the acceptance of the poverty by the working class. Blood Brothers was just too spectacular to describe in words, the standing ovation and 3 curtain calls said it all. I cried, even though I knew what was going to happen.
Isabella Enzenhofer - Germany
hello - could anyone of you please tell me, if there is any homepage of the blood brothers uk tour, with the cast, the musicians and so on on it? that would be great! thank you very much!
Ann Blackmore - UK
Hi Willy, Just a little note to say I've read all your books, seen all your plays (know not a lot about your current music stuff, sure its great too) will be coming to see you on your current tour with Mr Frith. I think you are an allround genius but then you'd probably modestly deny this, look forward to seeing you in Manchester in May. Love from a big time fan X
hello willy russell i just wanted to say how i think that your amazing being able to think of all the songs and write all the lyrics to them as there are really good. i would love it if you brought blood brothers back to the royal theatre in nottingham as i would love to see it agen with linda nolan playin mrs johnstone as i dont think that any one could play that part as well i she could. she was amazing. i hope to see you soon at the royal theatre in nottingham. i really would love to see it agen??
hello willy russell i am writing to tell you how much i enjoyed the play blood brothers, i went to see blood brothers twice i went on the 24th march with my school (the long eaton school) and i also went to see it agen with my best friend who didnt get to go with school on the 3rd april. I am really glad i came to see it as it is really really good i carnt say any thing that can explain how good it was. i would also love to meet all of the blood brothers crew as they were brilliant, but the best actor was linda nolan who played Mrs johnstone she was brilliant she couldnt of done better than what she did her voice is exalleant she was my favorite actor out of all of them even they were all brilliant. but my dream would b to meet all of the crew and linda most of all. luv blood brothers fan
Jane - Skipton
The warmth and grit of his characters - whether plays, musicals or book - are just terrific. You feel you know them personally and can share their high and low points - truly a mark of an excellent writer. Incidentally, when seriously ill in hospital, I read the Wrong Boy and it really brightened up my stay. Afterwards, I wrote to tell Willy Russell about this and received a very kind letter in response - every bit of what you would expect from the creator of Rita! More, please, from this multi-talented person.
Ryan Limb - UK
I think that this man is amazing, not only can he write amazing novels and plays but he can also write a musical. To me that says everything!!! Blood Brothers is one of the best musicals i have ever seen (and trust me i have seen a few!) Amazing, he really is.
Chris Getty - Derby
I have just been involved in a production of 'Our Day Out' and I would just like to say that Mr. Russell is, without a doubt, one of the greatest Playwrights ever known. This play in particular is extremely moving, and I am a huge fan of all his work. In the past I have studied 'Blood Brothers for my GCSE Drama, and from that, when I did a session of Work Experience teaching Drama to pupils at the West Park Community School, the school where the production was held, I used this as the stimulus for my session. I am 17 years of age and want to go into Drama and script writing, and this dream has been helped by Willy Russell's work. I wish him all the best for his future projects, and would like to thank him for producing some exceptional
work in the past
Nicola Jones - Liverpool
I think that Willy Russell is an amazing man!! I have had the pleasure of seeing some of his plays! and he is just fantastic! I can't wait to see Blood Brothers again!! Willy is the man!!
thankyou so so much.
Col Baxter -
When will 'One Summer' be released on video/DVD? There are many who miss it terribly and would love the opportunity to own a copy.
Rhiannon Moorcroft - Liverpool
We have been studying both 'Blood Brothers' and 'Our Day Out' for a number of years with our GCSE students and are very disappointed 'Our Day Out' is not available on video any more. Are there any plans to re-issue this materpiece?
Sue Clarke - Leicester
Blood Brothers is THE best musical i have ever seen,and i would like to know, is it coming out ever on DVD?
Stacey Turner - Banbury
I went to see Willy Russell's amazing 'Blood Brothers' for the fifth time last week with school at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry. The performances were in my opinion, award winning! Its all down to the show, whilst the plot is simple the writing is astounding, I had tears in my eye's on more than one occasion, and know for a fact I wasn't the only one. The transformation of the characters is both heartwarming and frightening. I luv it, but most of all, I luv him. Willy Russell is my idol, in dramatic and playwrite terms.
Matthew Gateway - Hull
I just wanted to say Blood Brothers is the best bloody musical in the world! I have the cds and have memorised all the words, I've seen it 3 times and it's just fantastic! Thank-you, Blood Brothers is great........I just can't get enough of it! heehee
T Collier - Canada
I am currently working on Shirley Valentine. I can't tell you how much I enjoy the language My only hope is that I will do credit to the wonderful playwright thank you for such a wonderful script.
isobel Reid - Hampshire
blood brothers - i love it! For my GCSE drama exam back in '02, i wrote on the Blood Brothers production at the Phoenix Theatre. It was my favourite ever musical, and even now, I have started performing songs from it and using my experience from it in my A level studies! Tomoro, i have a music theatre exam, in which i am singing Easy Terms, and i love it! Just hope it goes well! Merci Beaucoup Mr Russell!
Steve - Coventry
Blood Brothers is just Bloody Brilliant.
Greg Boris - Montana
As a huge fan of Blood Brothers AND Andy Roberts and Plainsong my question is - How can I get a copy of Hoovering the Moon. I reside in Missoula Montana and would have difficulty in ordering by post in Pounds Sterling. Isn't there some way I can purchase this CD? Please, I desperately want to hear it!?!
Mike Wright - Lancs
This is a wonderful web-site. I have just spent the past few weeks in Willy Russell land! I went to a performance of Breezeblock Park at the Liverpool playhouse over Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a fantastic cast. The 'Brookie Boys' were brilliant with Sophie Stanton easily stepping into Julie Walters shoes as Vera. After the show I bought the Wrong Boy and Mr Russell's CD. Well, I laughed and cried reading Wrong Boy. It was so funny and so true to life. The cd is great too. I heard Tupperware Girls weeks ago on Radio 2 and have been trying to get a copy since. And now, I see Blood Brothers is back on tour. Brilliant. Thank you Willy.
Tony Evans - UK
Our Day Out: Where would i find a copy of this, i've looked everywhere, i know it was made for Film4 and even thier site cant find it
Calvin Dean - UK
I'd like to thank Willy for bringing Blood Brothers to us over 20 years ago. I'm 18 and I'm starting at drama school in September 2004. I would love one day to be in Blood Brothers myself, as it really is my favourite musical ever. I've seen it in the West End and on tour over 30 times and I can't wait to see it again in a couple of weeks time. Only critisism is that the tour is too loud and the echo is too powerful on Kieths voice. Thank you for being an inspiration to me over the years.
Emily Hill - Hertfordshire
I'm a GCSE drama student and I am studying Blood Brothers at the moment and have recently been to see it at the Phoenix Theatre in London. I thought it was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! And wanted to find out what other plays Willy Russel had written and I came across this great site!
Dave - Runcorn
Great site. Read ' The Wrong Boy ' when it came out and it is one of the best books I have read. Also saw Willie read exerpts from the book at the Everyman.......super night. Hope the TV series comes to fruition. Keep up the good work.
CD WINNER - Andrew Ball - Oswestry
I am Andrew Ball the lucky guy who won the draw, for the 'Hoovering The Moon' CD. I would just like to say thank you so much for the CD a million times. I've never won anything before and to have a prize from my hero Willy Russell is a dream come true. I wanted to see him at The Walls in Oswestry because I live there. However, I had no time so to win the recording is such a great thrill. I've listened to all the tracks and my favorite is defiantly "China". The folk songs remind me so much of real life and I love rocky style ballads. The best thing about the songs is you can believe Mr. Russell did meet all the people he writes about and the lyrics are so funny (A little ruder than I imagined but I don't care) I love the CD and I can imagine how he sees normal situations and writes them down. This is a CD for people who love to be told stories. It reminds me of "Blood Brothers" which is my favorite musical of a time (I voted on channel 4). However, it has its own specific genre which I think is great. When I'm older I would love to write a musical because I play the piano and Willy Russell is the most influential writer in my life. Thank you Thank you Thank you, you've made a poor Drama student believe he is the richest in the world. Oh god who writes this stuff. Thanks once again.
Brian - UK
I recently attended a concert where there was a reading of The Nativity Play by Willy Russell, but I can find no trace of it and I wonder if this is a published work somewhere. I ask because I would like to use the reading in our church. If there is a known answer can someone email it to me. Thank you.
Janette Lee - Stockport
I just finished reading The Wrong Boy and wanted to say just how much I enjoyed it. Usually when a book is heralded as a 'comic masterpiece' I wait in vain for the guaranteed laughs, but this book lived up to it's billing and then some! It was also very moving and thought provoking - I was in tears at times. Thank you for one of the best books I have read in ages.
Helen Ayers - Devon
I heard a track from Hoovering The Moon on radio 2's folk hour and i really enjoyed it, so i bought the album and i think it's brilliant. I love it as it's unusual and all the songs are really good. I especially love These Days, Crazy Days and China - thank you!!
Helen Barker - UK
I watched Educating Rita on video over the weekend and had to let you know how much I enjoyed this wonderful film again and how it had contributed to a change in my own life. I say again because the last time I watched Rita was about 10 years ago and Willy Russell's story was instrumental in enabling me, a single Mum with two grown up children, to return to education and pursue a challenge that I might not have had to courage to grasp. It wasn't quite Oxbridge, only the local Poly, but it changed my life. The performances of Michael Caine and Julie Walters are stunning and Willy Russell's writing is true to life - thank you.
Angie Ryan - Manchester
Since seeing Barbara Dickson, the McGann brothers, and John Conteh do Blood Brothers for the first time in the 70's i've been an ardent fan of your great musical. I've probably seen every production since then.
I was however disappointed on last Friday's, 21/11/03, show here in Manchester with the fabulous Linda Nolan who I think has now made the role her own. My disappointment came when the echo on the mikes was repeated several times. The shots used in the last act were so loud people jumped thus causing them to laugh at what has to be the most heartbreaking point of your great work, I also think Mrs. Johnston's devasation at losing her two sons was lessened by the harmonies of Linda and your narrator. I think the first two verses should be her alone.
I hope you take time to read this Mr. Russell, I would love to know if you are exposed to the directors and how they handle your great work? I'm hoping this is just an ambitious director as I find Blood Brothers a flawless story.
Kevin Hunt - Manchester
I (as many seem to be) am a fan of your work. I would also ask that you reconsider your decision on the DVD release of One Summer. At the very least it deserves a repeat run on television.
Abby - Liverpool
I am 15 and from Liverpool. I recently went to see Blood Brothers with my school drama class and before I went I did not enjoy the theatre at all now I am going to see it again. Blood Brothers has made me realise that I want to become an actress and has given me so much inspiration. I related to the play so much and it makes you proud to be from Liverpool European capital of culture. I was gutted that we had to go and see it in Manchester though, I would have preferred to see it in Liverpool. I really want to become an actress now and would love one day to perform in Blood Brothers myself my favourite character was mrs johnstone who was played by Linda Nolan I think she is a great actress.
Greg Evans - Australia
Firstly congratulations are due to Willy for not censoring his guestbook. I'd like to express my
extreme disappointment at the scrapping of the proposed DVD release of One Summer, in my opinion one of the finest television dramas ever produced. Please reconsider and do not keep this classic buried.
Jonathan - Manchester
I find it hard to believe the home page on the site features One Summer amongst the rest of Mr Russells work yet he will not allow a release of it on DVD !!! Why ?? Is there any chance of an explanation from Willy ??
Lucy Booth
im readin educatin rita @skool and its cool cos its got swear words in so we can write them and say them out loud. we neva usually get 2! vvvv interestin luv lucy x keep rokin dude!
Stuart Scott-Davis - USA
ONE SUMMER. Why not release it on DVD? The greatest tv show ever. You are letting the fans of this show down. Big time.
Sue Taylor - UK
An outstanding website - but then again Willy Russell is an outstanding playwright. As a kid, Our Day Out reached me as no other piece of drama did. Here was a play that was alive, vibrant and spoke my language. As an adult, I made a beeline for the cinema to enjoy Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine, but for some reason I have only recently seen Blood Brothers and was so moved by Willy's writing and the brilliant acting. And so to did my teenage children. Willy you are a writer for all generations.
Eileen Higgins - Dublin
After hearing an interview with Willy Russell on Irish radio earlier this year and hearing a couple of numbers from "Hoovering the Moon" I have been frantic trying to purchase it - and today I have finally tracked it down. Can't wait to get it and play it. I will let you know what I think when I finally get my hands on it.
Linda Fletcher - Eire
Congrats on a great site. I'd the opportunity of seeing Willy Russell and the gig he did with Tim Firth in Galway earlier this year. I went along expecting a purely literary evening and was knocked out to see the man (men!) fronting a ten piece band. Some great songs (as well as literary content) from both these playwrights. Cheers
Carl Halsall - UK
After logging onto a brilliant web site dedicated to One Summer, I was very surprised and a little bemused as to why you would not give your nod for the release of One Summer onto DVD or even a re-run on TV.
I watched One Summer when I was thirteen and can still remember it as if it were yesterday. I have never bought any films or TV programs on video or dvd because I know I would never watch them. I would give my right arm for a copy of One Summer - so my kids and wife could also enjoy it. Could somebody please let me know if there is a release in the near future!
I wish you great success with all your future work. I am writing a bit myself in between trying to run my own design business. Very best regards.
Russ Litten - UK
Please revive "One Summer" - it's a lost classic, and needs to be re-aired today now more than ever!
Thomas Van der Spiegel - Belgium
Great site! By writing and composing 'Blood Brothers' I think Willy Russell has delivered a masterpiece! Saw it twice and still that musical keeps being fresh and amazing to watch.
Hopefully he will compose another outstanding musical like that soon..
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