Natalie Summers - Sydney, Australia
Hello Willy. I have been meaning to write to you since I saw Dancin' Thru the Dark for the first time in the early '90's.... Later is better than never so they say...

Firstly, thank you a million times for Dancin' Thru the Dark. I was beside myself when I realised that new remastered DVD versions are now available as my 2 knackered VHS copies (that I fought tooth and nail for on Ebay a few years ago) have been watched so many times they about fit for retirement. I first watched Dancin' Thru the Dark when we rented it off the video man (complete with his van - I think his name was Trog) one Friday night when I was in my early teens and within the space of a week me and my best friend were reciting it to each other we had watched it so many times. I still use lines from it ('piss off little man' has come in very useful over the years) and I almost called my dog Peter McGeghan so I could shout it across the park like Linda did. I didn't though - I called it Dave in the end

At the moment I am listening to 'The Wrong Boy' on audiobook which I am very much enjoying as are my dogs who seem to be mesmerised by your voice. I can almost feel them hating Uncle 'bastard' Jason as much as Raymond does.... I am on CD 4 and I was supposed to go out 2 CDs ago but don't want to stop listening.

Finally thank you for Shirley Valentine and Educating Rita who, like I am sure millions of other normal women, I identify with on so many different levels. I am starting a degree on Monday at the grand age of 36 (having not had the opportunity before now) which I am petrified and excited about all at the same time. Without a word of a lie Educating Rita did play a part in my daring to even think I could do it so thank you for that. I also talk to inanimate objects on a daily basis, being a Navy wife and spending what some would regard as an offence against my human rights amount of time in my own company, so I do fear I am going Shirley Valentine half the time. Sadly no sex for breakfast, lunch or tea though.

Anyways, I am sure you are very busy and important with a million things so I won't take up any more of your time. I just wanted to, finally, say thank you so very much for bringing light, laughter, company, inspiration, romance, tears, heartbreak and joy to my life (and hate for Uncle bastard Jason in the case of my dogs). 

With love and admiration Natters xxx