The play ‘King of the Castle’, was Willy Russell’s first television drama.  One of six productions written by amateur or semi-pro playwrights, for Second City Firsts, an initiative developed to help find new talent.  Written in three weeks, the story line is set in a Liverpool factory and highlights the problems faced by working men in dangerous occupations and focuses on ‘Brocky’ who is considered by his workmates 'King of the Castle', but who develops a fear of his working environment.

Bill Maxwell as Brocky with Liz McKenzie (left) as Pat and Mary Healey as Josie in King Of The Castle.
King of the Castle

John Owens played Fitz and Bill Maxwell, Brocky in King of the Castle, the fifth in a season of six plays from Birmingham, by new writers, screened on BBC2.

Photo Credits: BBC

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