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The Wrong Boy

Ebook version of The Wrong Boy

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The Liverpool Daily Post LiveRead online literary festival book club met recently to discuss Willy Russell's The Wrong Boy.

You can watch their discussion (right), chaired by Peter Elson, with Daisy Dawes - author of Get Ahead Fred - and Sports Media's Peter Grant.




The Wrong Boy

The Wrong BoyWelcome to the heart-wrenching, ever-erring world of Raymond Marks, a normal boy from a normal town. Until, that is, in the wake of the Tranvestite Nativity Play Scandal, the ill-fated flytrapping craze begins - a craze that involves 15 boys, a number of flies and an intimate part of the male anatomy... after which, Raymond's world is never quite the same again.

Raymond Marks is a normal boy, from a normal family, in a normal northern town. Until, on the banks of the Rochdale Canal, one single incident changes his life forever. For Raymond, and for everyone with whom he comes in contact, nothing is ever quite so normal again.

Full of memorable characters and with an utterly engrossing plot, The Wrong Boy is one of the funniest and most moving novels you will ever read.

"Full of memorable characters and with an utterly engrossing plot, The Wrong Boy is one of the funniest and most moving novels."


...That Willy Russell has chosen the notoriously difficult epistolary form for his fiction debut seems strange at first, until you think of the letter-chapters as on-stage addresses by the narrator. Once you 'hear' them as soliloquies, everything falls into place. Beautifully...

...Its hard to believe that this is Willy Russell's first novel: rich in Liverpudlian wit and wisdom, you're in Russell territory from the first line...

...Russell delights in his skilful depiction of a child's-eye view...

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I'd certainly like to see The Wrong Boy translated to the small screen but it's not something that I need to see. What I absolutely needed to do was to write the book and so, regardless of whatever happens screen wise, my primary aim and ambition with this has been fulfilled. One of the things I most enjoy is bringing Raymond to an audience through giving readings from the book... Willy Russell

The Wrong boy is available on cassette and CD

An audio cassette tape and CD, with Willy narrating is available.


Wrong Boy
Audio Cassette
Harper Collins
ISBN: 0-00-711361-7


UPDATE: The Wrong Boy is now available in digital formats.... (August 2012)